Curriculum Activities

Curriculum Activities

It is one of the main focuses of Irshadiya that aspires to become highly competent in the realm of curriculum activities of its wards. Irshadiya believes that co-curricular activities as the applications of student’s academic learning and considers as the integral part of academics. Thus we term ‘CO-CURRICULAR’ activities as ‘CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES’ to locate these activities under academic agenda. Irshadiya provides special attention to curricular activities by adopting ZERO HOUR timing.

Irshadiya groups its numerous curriculum activities under the three broad category based upon curriculum objectives.

Curriculum objectives

  • Emotionally balanced integrated personality development
  • Nourishing self-exploration and self confidence
  • Developing mature and interpersonal relationship
  • Imbibing creative and productive identity
  • Inculcate humanitarian as well as environmental values
  • Enhancement of psycho-physical well-being

Psycho-motor developmentt

  • Various student’s club
  • Internal and external arts and sports competition
  • Special coaching and training for arts and sports skills
  • Life skill development training programs
  • Skill acquisitions programs
  • Field visits
  • Study camps

Cognitive development

  • Regular literary meetings
  • Mock parliament
  • Eminent guest speaker from different socio-cultural fields
  • Debates and seminars
  • Wall magazine (Arabic and English)
  • Publication of articles in print media

Spiritual and behavioral development

  • Moral and discipline trainings
  • Personality development
  • Usra system
  • Quthuba /recitation training

About Irshadiya

Irshadiya College, founded in 1979, is a premier educational institution offering various courses in diverse disciplines. For the last three decades, Irshadiya has been informed of the forces that shape the world and urges its students to compete with intellect and skills required.

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