BA English Literature with Journalism (Calicut University)

Duration: 6 semester

Board: SDE, University of Calicut

Mode: Regular Batch

Intake: 30 Seats


  • To introduce the students to various genres like poetry, prose and drama
  • To familiarize students with literary theories and critical discourses.
  • Expose students to diverse regional literary productions and its evolution and periods.
  • Expose to logical and imaginative writing

Part I :: English & Arabic

Part II: Islamic Studies – Advanced Diploma in Arabic & Islamic Studies (ADAI)

Part III : Core Course

Complimentary: Journalism & Mass Communication

Specialization: Thoughts on Islamic Art & Literature

About Irshadiya

Irshadiya College, founded in 1979, is a premier educational institution offering various courses in diverse disciplines. For the last three decades, Irshadiya has been informed of the forces that shape the world and urges its students to compete with intellect and skills required.

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