Irshadiya Management

The Islamic Educational Movement (IEM) began in 1979 and since then it has been providing dedicated service to the society in the areas of the education, paying special attention to women's education and social welfare. It upholds and disseminates the message of compassion, righteousness, equality of human beings, and fortifies faith in God. In pursuit of the noble goals, it has established educational and social welfare institutions.

  •   Irshadiya College Feroke,
    Kozhikode, Pin 673631
  •   0495 2483490, 2482893
  •   7403829935
  • [email protected]

About Irshadiya

Irshadiya College, founded in 1979, is a premier educational institution offering various courses in diverse disciplines. For the last three decades, Irshadiya has been informed of the forces that shape the world and urges its students to compete with intellect and skills required.

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