Academic Profile

Academic Profile

The stakeholders of Irshadiya has unreserved dedication in providing and maintaining favorable academic profile for its wards. More than being exam-oriented, Irshadiya has clear objectives on its academics that to be uttered through its students

Academic objectives

  • Creating and maintaining academic competency
  • Providing deep insight in extensive range of various academic subjects
  • Familiarizing students with latest updates in concerned discipline
  • Communication skills both in Arabic and English languages
  • Qualitative intellectual feeding

Academic council

For the last three decades Irshadiya executes various methods and means to instill the aforesaid objectives to its students.

  • Conference and seminars
  • Publications
  • Field trips
  • Paper presentation of students
  • Inter-collegiate and intra-collegiate competitions
  • Soft skill development activities
  • Internal and external assessment tests

Academic maintenance

It is the true legacy of Irshadiya that it assigns its own internal and external bodies for academic auditing and quality assessments.

Academic Dean

Academic dean monitors and co-ordinates all the activities related to academic subject. Dean updates the courses offered and ensures the proper monitoring of academic performance. Dean is in charge of individualized channelizing and directing students in their academic.

Subject Council

Irshadiya made it a rule that each courses and its academic performance should be evaluated and analyzed by the concerned faculty and department. Subject council of each department designs and executes the semester plans and keeps timely follow ups of the courses and faculty.

Academic council

The uniqueness of Irshadiya lies in its distinguished academic council. Scholars, academicians, educationalists, social thinkers and activists, and noted public figures constitute the academic council of Irshadiya. Council is the high authority which keeps high vigilance in academic performance and quality, ensures updates and relevance of courses and determines delivery modes and assessment formats

Semester and Annual Review meeting

Annual and semester review meeting are conducted regularly at the end of concerned semester and year. The meeting evaluates over all academic performance of a year/semester and takes necessary decision regarding the academic performance of the institution

About Irshadiya

Irshadiya College, founded in 1979, is a premier educational institution offering various courses in diverse disciplines. For the last three decades, Irshadiya has been informed of the forces that shape the world and urges its students to compete with intellect and skills required.

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